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ppr floor heating pipe of the floor heating coil fixed matters needing attention

Source: Date:2015-6-8
Matters needing attention in ppr floor heating coil:

1) The floor heating construction personnel should grasp the strength of the coil, and connect the pipe with the water collecting device and pipe fittings. The floor heating pipe should be clamped and clamped to squeeze the connection; the connection material should be copper ; The surface of the copper connector directly in contact with PP-R or PP-B must be nickel plated.
2) In the vicinity of the water collector and other densely arranged parts of the local heating pipe, when the local heating pipe spacing is less than 100mm, heat insulation measures such as flexible sleeves should be set outside the heating pipe.
3) The loop layout of the floor heating pipe should pass through expansion joints as little as possible. Through the expansion joints, uniform flexible sleeves with a length of not less than 100mm should be provided.

4). It is forbidden to twist the pipe when installing the floor heating pipe; when bending the pipe, the top of the arc should be restricted (holding) and fixed with a pipe clip to prevent "dead fold"; the bending radius of the heating pipe should not be less than 8 Double the outer diameter of the tube.
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