PPR stainless steel pipes

Inside 304 stainless steel,outside PPR

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, can be implanted into the human body material, does not breed bacteria, will not cause secondary pollution of water quality. Renovation of the old house waterway, the owner directly selects the stainless steel pipe to see the feedback and effect of the owner.


The use of imported raw materials produced by Nordic Chemicals improves the strength and thermal insulation performance of stainless steel pipes, and overcomes many physical defects of stainless steel pipes, such as high construction difficulty, high cost, weak physical properties, and rupture due to shock or pressure.​


100% food-grade 304 stainless steel technology, blocking light from entering and curbing microbial growth and controlling water micro-environment, non-toxic, antibacterial and environmentally friendly.

Purified water, unchanged for 100 years

Water purification SP-F copper-containing sterilized food-grade stainless steel water supply pipeline adopts a one-time forming process fusion technology to achieve the full complementarity of PP-R and stainless steel pipes. It has excellent and continuous antibacterial and sterilization effects, strong corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance. Strong, good physical ductility and excellent thermal stability.
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