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The development speed of new plastic pipes is gradually accelerating

Source: Date:2015-8-6

As plastic pipe has obvious advantages in energy saving, land saving, water saving, and material saving, affected by the current favorable policies, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green new plastic pipes will enter the "golden age" of rapid development. It is expected that by 2015 China's total plastic pipe production is about 13.2 million tons. With the accelerated pace of urbanization, there is a huge demand for plastic pipe products such as housing construction, municipal engineering, water conservancy and rural drinking water system construction. According to statistics from China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the current annual growth rate of China's plastic pipe market is 15%. Some experts in the industry pointed out that functionalization, light weight, and microforming will be the development trend of China's plastic pipe industry. In the future, the plastic pipe industry needs to focus on improving product quality and achieving breakthroughs in key technologies. The promotion of new equipment will increase core competitiveness and development potential, and promote the sustainable development of the plastic pipe industry.

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