POLES Technipipe & Supplies features

the most modern and productive manufacturing lines, becoming the new and improved alternative for polyethylene pipe, specified and controlled under the most strict quality standards.

The POLES pipe has the most complete line of HDPE pipe that currently exists in the market, with diameters in IPS series from ½ “- 48″.​

In addition we have 11 different RD’s from RD 7 - RD 41, to provide the pipe that best suits your driving needs and the required operating pressure.​

POLES pipe is offered in exterior colors that suit customers requirements, depending on their use, meeting national and international standards or specifications:

  • Red: fire protection
  • Blue: potable water
  • Green: treated water
  • Orange: conduit pipe

Among other colors.

Our POLES, Type II, PE-4710 pipe is certified in México under the NOM-001-CONAGUA standard and at the International level is listed in the Technical Report #4 (TR4) of Plastic Pipe Institute – PPI.​

According to the application of our products, we offer bilayer or trilayer pipe, and each layer is designed with a polymer with characteristics of special functionality to meet the needs of the customer: whether in functionality, durability, chemical resistance or the environment, etc …​

The POLES pipe goes a step ahead!

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