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What you need to know in the use of plastic pipes

Source: Date:2015-3-5
At present, the plastic pipe in the construction industry has gradually replaced the original metal pipe in the building material industry. The environmental protection, convenience, and safety of plastic building materials have been accepted by everyone.
    The biggest hot spot of building water supply and drainage is the widespread application of new pipe materials. Traditional galvanized steel pipes and ordinary drainage cast iron pipes have been replaced due to susceptibility to corrosion, heavy weight, and inconvenient transportation and construction.
    At present, there are mainly three kinds of pipes commonly used in building water supply and drainage: plastic pipes, metal pipes and composite pipes.
    Plastic pipe is a product made of synthetic resin plus additives after melt molding. Additives include plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, lubricants, colorants, UV absorbers, modifiers, etc.
    Commonly used plastic pipes are: rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC-U), high-density polyethylene pipe (PE-HD), cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PE-X), random copolymer polypropylene pipe (PP-R), Polybutylene pipe (PB), engineering plastic acrylic-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS), high-density polyethylene pipe, PE pipe, etc.
    The raw material composition of the plastic pipe determines the characteristics a of the plastic pipe.
    The main advantages of plastic pipes:
(1). Small thermal conductivity, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good energy saving effect.
(2). Good chemical stability, not affected by environmental factors and medium components in the pipeline, good corrosion resistance.
(3). The hydraulic performance is good, the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, the resistance coefficient is small, it is not easy to deposit, the circulation area in the pipe does not change with time, and the probability of the pipe blocking is small.
    (4). Plastic pipe is lighter than metal pipe, convenient for construction and easy to install.
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