High-density polyethylene pipe

Pipes for Sewage & Drainage application

Sub-duct for telecommunication & Electrical Cabling.HDPE material exhibits a lot of advantages over traditional materials for pressure pipe applications.The pipes are easy to install, light, flexible, corrosion free and can be easily welded by butt fusion or electrofusion couplers to ensure a totally leak free network. They are classified and tested according to MS 1058: Part2: 2005 and ISO 4427 for drinking water application. Creep resistance and long term strength, through the MRS classification as defined in ISO 9080. Stress cracking resistance, critical property to avoid initiation and propagation of cracks due to scratches during installation or point loading.Rapid crack propagation resistance to avoid bursting due to sudden break caused by an external stress


Generally resistant to most of acids, bases, Pipes are smooth internal surface, wear and abrasion.
Termite proof, inert to chemicals and UV resistant.
Moisture proof, flexible, no corrosion, light weight and durable.
Tough & Strong, Impact Resistant.
Weather Resistance, for ElectricalInsulation.
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