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How to choose hot and cold PP-R water pipe

Source: Date:2015-2-4
There are many PP-R pipe manufacturers with different quality. Once leakage occurs and the loss is huge, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand product. Our company is one of the well-known pipe manufacturers. Welcome to come and buy. Let's find out how to choose hot and cold PP-R pipes.
     1. For cold water (≤40 ℃) system, use P.N1.0 ~ 1.6MPa pipes and fittings; for hot water system, select ≥PN2.0MPa pipes and fittings.
2. Pay attention to the determination of the overall pipeline use coefficient C (that is, the safety factor): in general, and continuously make the temperature <70 ° C for a long time, optional C = 1.25; in important occasions, and the long-term continuous use temperature ≥70 ° C, it is possible For longer periods of time at higher temperatures, C = 1.5 is optional.
3. After considering the above base points, the SDR of the fitting shall not be greater than the SDR of the pipe, that is, the wall thickness of the fitting shall not be less than the wall thickness of the pipe of the same specification.
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