Three-layer composite PP-R PIPE series

Fully efficient purification

The three-layer composite piping system combines the advantages of PPR double-layer antibacterial reinforced composite piping, which enhances the stress characteristics of PPR in long-term high temperature environments and the strength of resistance to external forces in low temperature environments

Outer layer

Using high-quality polypropylene PPR 80 and anti-ultraviolet HTUV 360 mixed materials, it can effectively and long-lasting UV protection, improve the product's light fastness, and have good absorption, conversion, reflection and scattering of ultraviolet rays in the 180-400nm band. At the same time, high-quality PPR 80 polypropylene material can effectively protect the surface of the pipe and prevent damage caused by mechanical external forces.

Middle level

It is composed of high-quality polypropylene material and EVOH oxygen barrier material. It is a new oxygen barrier composite material developed by the German Auman Yongsheng Group Pipeline R&D Department. The perfect combination of EVOH oxygen barrier material and PPR material effectively reduces the inside and outside of the pipe. The oxygen permeability and oxygen leakage coefficient. The stability of the pipe is improved, and the phenomenon of moss and structure on the inner wall of the pipe caused by long-term oxygen permeation in the pipe is eliminated.

Inner layer

The latest research and development material PPR CT is used to form a high-density ceramic core structure, forming a high-density smooth layer on the inner surface of the pipeline, thereby avoiding the adhesion and deposition of sediment in the pipeline system.

product features

● The three-layer composite co-extruded pipe production technology product is 70% of the linear expansion rate of ordinary PPR

● PP-R CT material has high temperature resistance

● Greatly improved impact resistance and UV resistance

● Smooth inner wall, large water flow, healthier

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