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Why PPR pipe is the material of choice in home improvement

Source: Date:2013-10-8

For the PPR drinking water pipe system, it is now a new product commonly used in many developed countries in the world. It usually uses homogeneous fusion technology in the process of cold and hot water transportation.
Its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators must be significantly ahead of other similar products, especially its excellent sanitary performance. From production to use to waste recycling, the entire process can meet extremely high hygiene and environmental protection requirements. In addition, it has very good heat resistance, pressure resistance, thermal insulation and energy saving, as well as long life and economic benefits.
PPR pipe is also commonly known as type III polypropylene pipe, which has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, non-scaling and long service life. Although there are many PPR pipe manufacturers now, there are obvious differences in their quality. If there is a leakage problem with inferior PPR pipes, the loss will be very large. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose well-known brands.
热 PPR pipe joints usually use hot-melt technology. The pipe and the pipe are completely fused together. Therefore, once the test of installation pressure is passed, water leakage will never occur, and the reliability is very high. However, this does not mean that all the PPR pipes used for water pipes are free of defects. Some PPR pipes are poor in high temperature resistance and pressure resistance, and cannot be used for a long time in an environment above 70 degrees Celsius; and the length of each segment It is still limited and cannot be bent. If the pipeline is laid a long distance or there are many corners, then you can use a large number of joints during the construction process; although the price of the pipe is relatively cheap, the price of its accessories Relatively high.
From the comprehensive performance point of view, PPR pipe is a pipe with higher cost performance, so it has become the material of choice in the process of home improvement.

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