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Five tricks to teach you to distinguish the quality of PPR tube

Source: Date:2013-6-11

PPR pipe is also called polypropylene pipe. To put it plainly, it is an important material for waterway renovation and heating system in the lives of ordinary people. In order to avoid hidden dangers in hidden projects such as waterways and heating, it is especially important to choose high-quality PPR pipes, so how to distinguish the quality of PPR pipes?


First, touch the surface of the tube with your hands to experience whether the texture is fine and the particles are uniform. At present, PPR pipes in the market are mainly white, gray and green. Generally, recycled plastic cannot be made white, so many people think that white is the best. In fact, this view is more one-sided. With the improvement of technology, color is not the standard for distinguishing the quality of PPR tubes.


Move your nose close to the tube and smell it. Because the main material of PPR pipe is polypropylene, the good pipe has no odor, and the bad has some strange odors. This is probably due to the blending of polyethylene into polypropylene. Therefore, it is best not to smell pipes. selected.

Three pinches

High-quality PPR pipes have a certain degree of hardness. They can be pinched with fingers, and they have a relatively hard feel and are not easily deformed. It seems that the tube is very elastic and easily deformed, either it has quality problems or it is not a PPR tube.


Good quality PPR pipes have a certain resilience, are tough and not brittle, and pipes that can be broken with moderate strength are naturally not good PPR pipes. However, strong hardness does not mean good elasticity. You must also consider carefully how to break the PPR tube. Because some unscrupulous manufacturers increase the hardness of the pipe by adding too much calcium carbonate and other impurities, such pipes have poor toughness and are prone to brittle cracks over time.

Five Burns

As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire. It is intuitive and useful to test PPR tubes by fire. Good PPR pipes are smokeless and odorless after being burned, and the molten liquid is clean and transparent. Poor quality pipes may emit black smoke or even produce a pungent odor due to the internal mixing of recycled plastic or other impurities.

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